Sunday, August 15, 2010

2 and 1/2 weeks!

I officially have 2 and a half weeks until London and I am already starting to feel that crunch time. There are so many things I have to do still. The number one thing I have to do is pack, pack, pack! Which is a very difficult thing for me to do, not only because I have so many clothes that I need to choose from (and choose carefully for that tricky London weather) BUT I have my clothes scattered around 3 different households: My mom's in NJ, my grandmother's in Harlem, and my dad's in Washington Heights. It really stresses me out to think about all of this.

Then on top of that, I have to fit in a bunch of quality time with the various people I love in my life. This weekend I had to go to North Carolina to visit grandparents. This week I am splitting my time between my dad/step-mom and saying goodbye to friends in Baltimore. Then the next week I will have to split my time between my mom/dad/Adam. I wish I could break myself into multiple pieces so I could be everywhere at once and make everyone happy.

I also have to notify my bank of my travel plans, purchase a UK cellphone, and figure out if anyone loves me enough to drive me to the airport or if I have to take a cab there by myself. I also need to organize my finances and create a monthly budget for myself. OH BOY. (And I need to figure out something to do for Quinn's bday, since it's the day after I leave!)

This summer started really slowly and has ended really quickly. Everything is happening so fast and I don't think I have enough time to do everything I need to do! I hope I don't stress myself out.

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