Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tooth and Nail

So, I went to the dentist today for a follow up after my wisdom tooth procedure and because I've been having a rather bad toothache. And you know what I find out? I have 3 CAVITIES! This is seriously embarrassing stuff for me. I went 18 years without a single cavity and then all of a sudden BAMN! 3 cavities in 2008 and now 3 more cavities in 2010, all around the same tooth area. GROSS!

I guess my sweet tooth is to blame. Actually, the way I even found out I had a cavity is a pretty gruesome story. After spending 3 weeks in South East Asia, I returned to the US with one thought on my mind...GUM! It was very difficult to find gum in Vietnam. So I bought a pack of Orbit once we left the baggage claim and I started chomping when all of a sudden I felt/heard a loud CRACK! I spit my gum into my hand to discover a chunk of my top right side molar had been lodged in my Orbit. EWE!!! It didn't hurt at all, but it surprised the the hell out of me. Then when I met with my dentist he practically hit me for not taking care of the cavity sooner. I swear, I hadn't felt any discomfort or sensitivity at all. I had no idea I had a cavity of that magnitude, let alone 3! I felt very dissapointed in my self. And now I have 3 more.

I don't know if the pain I feel in my jaw is still wisdom tooth related or cavity related, but I'm not getting those suckers filled for about 2 weeks :/ I still have some of my pain meds from the surgery though, so I guess I'll live. But it's very annoying.

On a different note, I have a bit of an addiction. Not to my pain meds, but to nail polish. I LOVE nail polish. I always wear polish on my toes and only sometimes on my nails, but that doesn't stop me from collecting every desirable color I come across and from learning new techniqes. Last year I mastered the french tip and leopard print pattern. This summer I am teaching myself how to paint roses, shapes, and gradients. Gradients are particularly fun. Here is an example of one of my gradients:
I'm also very excited for fall manicures. I find that dark colors and matte textures are my preference for colder weather. So I plan on bringing my dark green, cappucinno brown, black, and gray nail polishes to London with me (in addition to the necessary staples of red and pink). I am also LUSTING after this new nail polish by OPI called suede which is just the coolest texture ever. Yes, I am a freak for loving nail polish as much as I do but I love to paint and draw and this is just a way to wear your paintings and drawings on you during the day!

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