Tuesday, August 31, 2010

School Dreams

No new school year would be complete without the pre-school jitters and a plethora of anxiety dreams.  My first anxiety dream was last night, the night before the night I leave for London, and it started off semi-standard but then turned EXTREME!  And I don't mean, "oh my it was so EXTREMELY anxiety ridden."  I mean X Games EXTREME with crazy sports and physical challenges.

The dream starts off like it usually does. It's the first day of class and I cannot figure out my schedule nor where my classes are.  I forgot to print out my roster and therefore have no idea which classes I have that day or how to find them.  So I run around asking friends, "Hey, do you happen to know what my schedule is?" or "Hey, where is the Tech Center again?" or "Hey, what's the website that tells you your schedule thingy?"  I was a real mess.  I just couldn't figure anything out. I ran back and forth down various hallways for MINUTES trying to find the computer lab or a guidance counselor or ANYTHING that could help me.  Meanwhile, my class had already started and some friends from middle school set up a shoe shop in the middle of Temple's Campus.  Even though I was late for class, I still checked out the shoes.

This is when it gets EXTREME!  Various celebrities and boys from my high school start showing up.  I have no idea what they are doing there so I ask them "HEY!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?"  Joseph Gordan-Levitt then proceeds to tell me that they are there to learn and that they are on the way to the same class as me.  Then I look up and see a crude paper sign that says the tech center has been moved to the basement floor of Temple's campus (I guess in my dream, all of Temple University is one building) and then below that is the word 'tits' and then Chace Crawford starts touching my tits. 


So I start heading to the basement and I look down and get vertigo because there are actually one million steps and when I finally reach the bottom, there is water everywhere.  So I have to get into a raft and then I paddle and paddle, trying to find the tech center, and then the waters get rough and I realize I am white water rafting and it is super dangerous and then WHAM! another raft runs right into me!  But I make it to shore and all the way back up the steps and back to the shoe shop, which is now full of cats, and I pet the cats and then I say,"GODDAMN, I AIN'T DOING THIS SHIT ANYMORE.  I'LL JUST GO TO CLASS TOMORROW." 

And then I woke up.

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