Sunday, August 15, 2010


So in preparation for London, I have been getting some new clothes. I actually don't really think I NEED any new clothes since I have so many, but I suspect my mom has a tiny shopping addiction and so she goes out and buys me things without me realizing or will insist on me getting things whenever I go out. I'm not complaining though!

Here are some of my recent purchases/gifts:

White leather, equestrian riding style granny boots. Oh dear god I am in love with these. A purchase made at the Asheville Urban Outfitters as a present from my grandpa who admired them just as much as I did. I have been looking for boots like these for ages and almost bought a pair in Nashville during our roadtrip. I'm glad I have these in white though.

An authentic Pendleton 100% virgin wool button up. Although a bit itchy, it will definitely keep me warm during that English winter. Plus, I love the colors.

This here 'Mormon' shirt that my mom found at the Asheville Goodwill. I was originally skeptical, but I had to buy it after I realized how versatile it was. I can wear it in it's original Mormon glory when I inevitably meet the Queen of England for high tea or I can fold the collar down for a more modern look and wear it out at night.

This is one of my mom's gifts. It's a Patty Kensy windbreaker that she got on sale at Lord & Taylor. Not usually my style but I actually really like it. Probably wont keep me very warm but will definitely be a nice thing to have when that summer weather starts to transition to fall.
This here is a Banana Republic sheer blouse. It's missing a button, but that is easily fixable. Also included in the mix is a $1 gold belt from Goodwill.This is a legitimate kilt. My mom and I fell in love with it at first sight. It's totally vintage too and on the label in the back someone wrote, what I think is, their name (Mac Beth...awfully similar to Macbeth the Shakespeare character no?) My theory is that this kilt was used as a costume for a production of Macbeth, who is supposed to be Scottish. So cool. Unfortunately, the thing is TINY! Although it says it is a size 6. Children's 6? I dunno. But I do know that the thing only cost me $3.75 and my mom is positive that we can get it fit at the tailor's. I hope so.

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Jen (and Audrey, too!) said...

AHHH totally amazing things! That wool shirt is perfection, and those boots are so YOU.

Girrrrl, you'll be the most stylish lady in Europe.