Monday, August 23, 2010


A few weeks ago Caroline and I spent the day together and decided, on a whim, to do a little craft project.  So we bought $10 packs of a Fruit of the Loom tee shirts, some fabric dye (wine and navy colored), and some gold/silver studs of various sizes.  We then went into her backyard and went crazy with fabric dye.  It was really fun.  We tried various techniques like dip dying and tie dye.  We also cut up the shirts into various designs.  Some shirts turned out well, and others REALLY didn't.  But in the end I had a lot of leftover studs.  So I found an old shirt in my dresser that I always loved, but never really wore out because it was so casual and kind of silly (TinTin is a part of my childhood), and I studded the shit out of it.  Now I can go out and join a biker gang or go to crust punk parties in da hood!  Hooray!

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Liz said...

Sick! I love t-shirt projects!