Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Last AMERIKUN Weekend

MY LAST WEEKEND IN AMERICA WAS FUCKING FABULOUS! Adam dubbed it "date weekend" and tried to fit in all these fun things for us to do.  It was also full of surprises. Some were small, like the mix CD he made me (so good).  And others were big.  Really BIG.

So on Friday he took me to Dorney Park to ride roller coasters.  Our favorite was Steel Force.  Then for our last ride before we left we decided to go on the congo rapids thing.  DUDE.  I was expecting log flume levels of wetness and instead I was fullly dumped on by a series of dirty water falls.  And I was the ONLY person under those water falls.  Adam just laughed and chatted up the adorable black kid who was sitting next to him.   Hmphh.   Later that night we had a beer taste test and watched Office Space. We tried (in order of preference) watermelon beer, blueberry beer, and pumpkin beer. The watermelon beer (Hell or High Watermelon) was sooooo good and the blueberry beer (Sea Dog) smelled like pie!  Pumpkin was eh, but I think it was just the brand that we got. 

On Saturday we kind of just hung around but then he was all, "Hey we actually have to be in the city around 3pm and you should wear something kind of dressy." I was very confused, especially because we had no real concrete plans to go to Philly. But we drove in and then he surprises me double! The first being he got a hotel room for the night at the fancy city hall Marriott! And the second being dinner at the fancy and delicious French restaurant PARC by Rittenhouse. I was sooooooooo surprised and delighted. That was awesome. And he wouldn't let me pay for anything. I really hope he didn't spend a small fortune. After dinner we hung out in the hotel room for a few hours drinking more fancy beers and then our emo friend Baurer picked us up and drove us to that hipster bar/dance hall called the Barbary. I was super nervous my ID would be rejected but it was even easier to get in this time than the first time and there was a special event called Hands and Knees that played really good music so we danced a lot and nearly puked from the heat which emanated off the sweaty dancing bodies of 10,000 hipsters.

The next day we went to the Philly zoo and fell in love w/ the naked mole rats and giraffes but once again nearly died of heat stroke.  Then we went back to his house in the burbs and ate Chinese food and watched movies until we fell asleep. 



jumpseat monalisa said...

awww that's such a good weekend! parc is stupid good too. that adam! what a dude!


Liz said...

Awesome! That's so adorable! What a great way to say bon voyage to America!

Eeee have a good trip to London! I hope you are flying British Airways, because they are the best.