Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nailz done, the hairz done, everything did

I have a little tradition with myself that every time I start the new school year I like to have something different going on about my appearance.  I don't know why, I guess its just that little bit of Madonna in me that enjoys reinventing herself.  But it's hard to change EVERYTHING about your appearance.  I mean, I don't go and get plastic surgery every school year and show up with a new nose or chin.  I also don't change my clothing style to be preppy one year and punk the next (that's so middle school).  So usually I end up changing my hair.  It's easy and not permanent and just plain fun!  So I've started the new school year with anything from blond streaks to a purple tint to a choppy bob to bangs etc.  This year I decided to dye my hair red...ish.  Well I didn't dye it, I went to a salon to had it dyed professionally for the first time ever.  I would have done it myself with one of those $10 box kits but my mom insisted that I "get it done right."  It doesn't look much different from when I usually henna my hair, though it is a bit more permanent and brighter! Sometimes I think it looks like Kirsten Dunst's hair when she pays MJ in Spiderman.  It should fade a little bit with time, but for my new academic year in a new country, meeting new people, I think it's perfect.  Also, now my hair isn't multi-colored from the left over henna, bleach, and freshly grown roots.  HOORAY!

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